New EPA clean air standards was passed, for info on new products we have available go to Click here for EPA phase II and phase III products.Alternative Energy Products.Alternative Energy Solutions

Wood,Pellet & Solar heating systems.  Solar PV systems, pond aeration systems.

Alternative Energy Solutions
         ​Directing your Energy Solutions
We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, affordable alternative energy solutions.

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We're at the forefront of ever-changing landscape of alternative energy and are fully committed to exceed our client expectations.

We guarantee our products to integrate into your existing systems and provide you the desired results. n. Our history of successful projects speaks volumes.

We focus on making sure you get the right alternative energy product that suits your needs, will save you money and provide for many years of great  performance.

We're dedicated to ensuring that we take care of all of our clients, and that all their alternative energy needs are met and exceeded. We offer the highest quality products combined with our work ethic, years of experience providing sales, service and installation mean energy saving performance for you.

We work with alternative energy solutions in alternative heating, using solar power for electric and for solar hot water. Alternative heating with wood gasification boilers. Indoor wood boilers ( like Elite 100) and outdoor wood boilers ( Nature's Comfort GT-6000) . Coal boilers are not regulated by the EPA and are becoming very popular for home heating. Solar hot water heating systems, tube heat exchangers that can heat your domestic hot water, and systems that can connect to your wood boiler.